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Trust our in our staff to design to design, implement and manage a professional website that best represents your business' services and values.

Our facility is equipped with a state of the art, secure server room that allows for high speed server access. Our staff is on call 24/7 to support and manage your Business Servers.

Eliminate down time and costly onsite services. It's like having our staff in house 365 days a year!

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Welcome to TechMark Inc.
TechMark Custom Designed Servers and Workstations
At TechMark, we pride ourselves on the ability to design and build custom computer systems individually tailored to suit your specific requirements. From a one-of-a-kind specialty E-commerce Web Server to a single stand-alone desktop PC, we will provide the solutions you need to succeed. Unlike many of our competitors, we use nothing but the highest quality, commercially available components, which are assembled by hand and thoroughly tested prior to delivery. This process insures maximum upgrade flexibility and, in the unlikely event of a hardware issue, there will be no additional downtime waiting for any special proprietary parts.

Network Deployment
For a business looking to invest in a solid computing platform, the marketplace can be a confusing patchwork of services and providers. By centralizing all of our services under one roof, Tech Mark can insure that all of your needs will be treated with the kind of hands-on approach that can be lacking when using several different service providers. All of our systems are fully configured and tested prior to delivery, to help insure minimum downtime during installation. This is especially pivotal when deploying new servers in conjunction with existing workstations. When you choose a full network package, we will fully configure and test the systems as a network with your specific information before final delivery and integration.

Home Office
Needs for a home PC system can be vastly different than for a business workstation. Are you looking for a large screen, multimedia system with DVD capability and surround sound? Perhaps games are your passion and nothing but the latest and greatest hardware will do. With each and every system designed with a specific purpose in mind, you can be sure that your new PC will perform as you expect it to, with no surprises.