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Monthly Specials
SEAGATE 40GB 7200 RPM                       $70.00
Linksys 802.11G Wireless Access Pt.     $129.00
Intel P4 2.8GHZ 800FSB HT CPU w/Fan   $278.00
54x32x54 Internal CDRW Burner              $57.00

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Symantec 2004 Antivirus 1Yr. Subsc.  $29.99

Microsoft Works Suite 2003                  $89.00  
Microsoft Windows XP Pro Upgrade     $229.00
Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 for Windows       $760.00
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             When it comes to components and software, our professional staff will make the right recommendation for your individual needs. As a local source for all of your component needs, TechMark takes the wait out of your worries. We know how frustrating it can be to order parts, whether it be for a new computer or repairing an older machine, to receive a product and have it be defective. With a local supplier, there is no need to waste time waiting on UPS for delivery of your products. We stock most major components vital to a computers health. When you need it right away, TechMark is there for you.

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