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Our Qualified team of Networking Pro's can design, install and implement the perfect LAN (Local Area Network) for your business or home.

For more information, Contact one of our Networking Specialists at (410) 987-5667.

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  TechMark Network Analysis

The first step in assessing and assisting you in developing a solid, well managed network infrastructure begins Network Analysis. A Network Analysis consists of a detailed "map" of all of your IT infrastructure including Servers, PC's, Hubs, Switches, Printers and more. In addition, every PC and server will have it's IP address, email accounts, passwords, licenses, and specs documented. As a business owner, it is often hard to look around the office and know where the next IT expense is going to come from. With a Network Analysis, TechMark provides detailed recommendations on hardware, software, and infrastructure priority assessments color coded for easy recognition of critical needs. This helps in planning and budgeting for the future. If in the future a tech support need comes up, a member of our TechMark technical support staff can easily assess your network environment, making any repairs or trouble shooting more efficient.

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TechMark Network Design

With your needs assessed, one of our professional network designers will customize a network to your ideal budget and needs. We take into consideration your company's current needs and use, as well as factor in needs based on possible increases in employees, applications, and services. You can't build an infrastructure today, without looking into tomorrow.

TechMark Network Management

TechMark can manage your network for the life of your business. With TechMark you can rest assured that someone is watching out for company's best interests. Whether it be stability, security, or just general TLC TechMark is there for you and your Network.

For More Information on Network Management, Click Here: Rma Returns

Whether you need assistance with your network at home or in the office, TechMark is here for you.